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Those going through Heaven

Those going through Heaven The picture only shows a tiny excerpt from Heaven. Far more we see a cityscape of glass and concrete. Perhaps a pedestrian area somewhere in the world. In the foreground we recognize shapes, which proceed through this shopping mall and the question is posed, which heaven they are moving through. Surely not the heaven we see when viewing from above. Intended is the personal heaven as symbol of happiness and fulfillment. As these individual feelings are bound very much into the values of the individual there is no common heaven, but actually several heavens. For some consumption and shopping are Heaven on Earth and for others this worldview with its values is for overturning, unacceptable, and from their perspective in Heaven such attitude to life to be destroyed. It is these divergent worlds of feelings and values which give rise to vastly different heavens imagined. Since the value systems and imaginings lack tolerance to one another, conflicts ensue: it develops to the war of worth systems, which concern not just thoughts but also bodies and real material lives. The picture relates to these different worlds in heads and the wishful imaginings of mankind. The facades of the consumers` temple are a visible expression of one value system. We see the people in the foreground and recognize veiled, distorted figures and know, the scene plays in some large city of the Orient. If we look precisely, we recognize an explosives belt on the body of the red-veiled woman. Her companion on the right is equally carrying a belt of explosives and we know these people are hardly on a comfortable shopping jaunt, rather are suicide bombers ready to die for their ideals and imaginings. They are on their way, walking through heaven – people around them, even if invisible, walking through their heaven, even when this is quite another one. The picture could also be called those who walk through the heavens.