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15 : 7

15: 7 is the result of an American football match. In the foreground we can recognize the players, as they push and press and struggle for the ball. The crowd is in an arena, made of a conference table. Very important people are seated at this table. They are not just sitting watching football – oh no. They are playing their own game for power in the world. Thereby there is pushing and shoving just like the football. They do not have to move or sweat as much as the sportsmen. At the end of the game they need to raise their hands and the result is settled. It`s also 15:7. Unlike with football-players this result will change the world, because the men at the conference table are members of the world security council and the result of their meeting affects war and peace. Just like with every game there`s a big star here. We see him in the middle of the picture. He tables a wonderful fry-up – but watch out – with his crocodile face we could think that we will be eaten up ourselves, if we come too near to the fry. The picture describes Bush`s visit to the US forces in Iraq in 2003.